Human Sounds

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Human Sounds for Zoom*

With a simple click or a keystroke, share your recorded laugh, applause or cheer with participants in your Zoom* meeting.

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How it Works


This web-based app allows you to instantly share your recorded LAC with participants inside a meeting during a Zoom* conference.

A host can create a meeting and invite participants. A participant will receive an email from the host. Participants can join the meeting directly from the invite email. After signing up, anyone can host a meeting.


Becoming a Host:

After signing up, you will be taken to your Dashboard, where you can create a meeting. A host only needs to name the meeting to create it. A video conference link may optionally be added to the meeting.

To create a meeting, go to the Create Meeting panel and type in a name for the meeting. The meeting name will be used to generate a link to the meeting. To add an optional meeting link, paste the Zoom* link into the meeting input. When finished, click the Create Room button.

After the meeting is created, hosts will be able to invite participants to the meeting with their email addresses. Email addresses can be added individually or in batch by clicking the Invite link for the meeting. Clicking the invite link will open the menu with an input to add email addresses. Click the Invite Participants button to send the invites and add participants to the meeting.


Becoming a Participant:

Participants will receive an email from a host. Clicking on the meeting link will take the participant to the meeting. A login will be required to enter, if not logged in already. After signing up and logging in, a participant will be able to add sounds. Sounds will appear in all meetings and can be re-recorded at any time.

A participant can enter a meeting without using a meeting link directly. After logging in, participants will be directed to their Dashboard. If the participant has been invited to a meeting, the meeting will appear in the Your Rooms panel of the Dashboard.


To record your 3 second sounds, click on the Record button for each sound. Make sure to click allow if the web browser asks for permission. After the Record button is clicked, there will be 3 seconds before recording starts. Click on Re-Record to change your recording.

Playing Sounds:

Click on the Play button or use the keystrokes described below.


To play your sounds, you can also simply press a simple two-key combination.

  • Laugh:ctrl + l
  • Applause:ctrl + a
  • Cheer:ctrl + c

Longer Sound:

To create a longer LAC, simply click on the Play button or the key combination additional times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems does it work on?

It works on any operating system that can run a modern web browser. It works best on modern versions of Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Will it run on Windows 7 & 8?

Yes, it will run on Windows 7 and Windows 8 that has modern Edge, Chrome or Firefox installed.

Will it work on my tablet or smart phone?

Due to the nature of the application running in a window separate from the video conference, it is recommended to use this on desktop computers.

How many seconds can my LAC be recorded?

Once the Record button is pressed, there will a 3 second count down followed by 3 seconds where the sound is recorded.

How do I play my LAC?

After recording sounds, press the Play button.

Who will hear my LAC?

Anyone who was invited and is currently in the meeting will hear sounds being played.

Do others need the app to hear my LAC?

Yes, anyone who wants to hear sounds needs to be registered, logged in and currently in the meeting where sounds are being played.

Can I control the volume of the LAC?

No, currently sounds are played at the volume the participant has set on their own computer.

How many times can you hit the key combinations?

You may hit the key combinations as many times as you like, but please refrain from abusing it for the sake of everyone else.

How does the host get the meeting link?

The host is automatically invited into the meeting. The meeting will appear in the host's Your Meetings panel upon meeting creation.

What is a meeting link?

A meeting link is sent to all invited participants by email. Clicking this link will automatically enter the meeting for a registered and logged in user.

Can you use the meeting again in the future?

Yes, you may enter the meeting as many times as you like.

*Works with most video conferencing services like Skype, GoToMeeting, RingCentral, WebEx Meetings and more.

Created by Timothy Dayonot.
Developed by Humboldt Tech.